Sancharam Vol-1
20 DVDs 13 Countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Thailand, Oman, Seychelles, Mauritius, Qatar, Myanmar)
Sancharam Vol-2
20 DVDs 9 Countries (Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan & Japan)
Sancharam Vol-3
20 DVDs. 9 Countries (Great Britain, China, Vietnam, Jordan, Singapore, Kenya, Bhutan, Indonesia & South Africa)
Sancharam Vol-4
20 DVDs. 9 Countries (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ethiopia, Uganda, China & Maldives)
Sancharam Vol-5
20 DVDs. 15 Countries (Russia, Syria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Bahrain, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Cayman, Honduras, Belize, Mexico & Combodia)
Sancharam Vol-6
20 DVDs. 7 Countries (West Indies, Cyprus, Laos, Switzerland, Italy, France, & Brunei )
Sancharam Vol-7
20 DVDs. 4 Countries (Turkey, Bali, Yemen, & Syberia )
Sancharam Vol-8
20 DVDs. 4 Countries (USA, Jordan, Egypt, & China )
20th Century
30 DVDs. Fifty years of Historical event from 1900 to 1950. Cost Rs.3500/-
Holy Land DVDs
4 DVDs. A Spiritual Journey through the Holy Lands of Israel and Palestine including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Mount of Olives, Capernaum, Via Dolorosa, The way of theCross, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jericho, Tabgha, Tiberias, Nazareth, Jaffa, Canan, Wailing Wall, Golan Heights, Red Sea, Jordan River & Sea of Galilee.